Fairing Bolts

Hello, I am getting a head start on the winter refurb of my 1000R and was wondering if any members know of any company that may be able to supply a fairing bolt kit.
The bolts on it now are a combination of gold anodised tat and thick chunks of hand cut rubber nowhere near the original. Failing that would anybody have a set of originals I could loan to use as samples to pull a set together.
I would of course cover postage and catalogue which bolt does what for future reference.
Many Thanks

Hi Vince,which model do you have as the E differs from the F+G in the bolts they use.I was able to get new from Honda a full set of bolts for our F2F so new ones may be available to order by part number.I can do a list for you if you let me know the model you have.Regards BIF

Morning BIF the frame and engine number on my bike denotes it as
VF1000RF Euro Direct hope this helps, Never considered going to a dealer and cross referencing the numbers, Doyle that I am!

Last time I looked all the fairing screws and fastners were available either from stock or available to order at David Silvers.
Good luck.

Dave Silver lists all you need 8pcs 90112-mj4-670 @ £2.49,7pcs 64507-mj4-000 @ £6.21 and 6pcs 64246-mj4-670 @ £2.50.The final item is a mounting rubber for use on the main bolts and well worth it to prevent cracking.Regards BIF

Thanks fellas I fancy having a crack at fitting more modern wheels and notice a company in America offer kits but has anyone in the UK gone down that route.
I have gathered up a swing arm from E bay to allow a bit of fiddling on the bench before taking my bike to bits and also retain originality for the future.
As I get older my conscience dictates I don’t … Improve…any more bikes to far from how the maker intended especially old bikes.