Fairing doesn't fit!

I have recently obtained a 1985 VF1000RF but it came with what appears to be a fairing off and 84 model. The belly fairing was not fitted when I picked it up and when I tried to fit it I can’t line up the top fixing holes with the upper fairing. Both fairings fit together fine when off the bike. Should the fairings be interchangeable between 84 and 85 models? Is there any way I can get them to fit?IMG_5016

The 84 bracket is totally different to the 85/86
How does the bottom of the top half fix to the frame?

Hi niel, here’s a couple of pics that may help show how a RE 84 and RF 85 fairings mount to there respective brackets. The mounting holes are in different positions and the rear most rf mount is angled,
I’m not sure what your options would be here, wether its feasible/do-able to change to 84 re bracket, or wether to try get hold of the proper fairings.


Thanks Pete this is how my fairing bracket looks, is this an 84 or an 85 bracket? IMG_5077 IMG_5078

That’s definitely an 84 fairing bracket,so the top half fits it fine,is the bottom half not lining up because of the radiator hoses?The routing is totally different between the two years.

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Good morning, I have a strait 85" bracket if you are interested.


Yep, as bif says that’s definitely an 84 fairing bracket, quick question, are the 2 bolt in where the fairing bracket fastens to the headstock ? It’s hard to tell from your pics but it looks like the front is tilted down a.little

Yes the top half fits fine it’s the bottom half that doesn’t fit to the top half. The bottom half fits fine to the bottom brackets on its own. What is the way around it please? Yes are 2 bolts where the bracket joins the headstock.

It looks to me like it’s not fitting because the the fairing bracket is tilting down at the front or too high at the rear, it may be that the mounting points on the 84 and 85 frames are slightly different…

there doesn’t look to be a lot in it,if you are going to go with this fairing on your bike you could try taking the two bolts from the sides of the bracket out and removing the lower of the two at the front,slacken the top one and as Pete is suggesting tilt the front up and assemble the fairing.If it fits tighten the bolt up take the fairing off and relocate the the bracket holes to match the frame

Just looking at an Re and Rf frame… the Re lower fairing mounting point is further back by approx 10 to 15mm… measured from the lower engine mount bolt…
This may help,



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That’s interesting I’ll measure mine. I think if I could raise the front of the fairing bracket slightly and lower the back it would fit. I’ll have to carry out some trials. Thanks for your help.

Pete, That was very useful information that you gave me. I measured my frame and it was approx 150mm. I loosened the 2 headstock bolts securing the fairing support frame and managed to tilt the frame up sufficiently to better align with the lower fairing. If i leave out the lower fairing bolts the hole in the fairing is approx 15mm behind the bracket. Therefore I trialled some stepped brackets to through the securing holes further aft and the fairing now fits satisfactorily.
Many thanks for your help.