Fans not cutting in

Hi guys a few questions, ran my 84 vf1000f for the first time today and the fans never kicked in with the temp guage nearly on the hot mark,bridged the thermo switch wires,fans did not kick in,checked with a volt meter and no power getting to the switch, also checked the thermostat and that did not open,so that needs replacing does the switch on the thermostat housing just control the temp guage,? i have heard that there is a lower temp thermo switch whitch cuts in at a lower temp is that correct, any ideas why i am not getting power to the switch, have checked the fuse. hope someone can help.Thanks Dave.

Hi Dave, the fan switch on the upper radiator switches the neutral so there won’t be 12v at switch. Test for 12v positive at the two plugs for the fans. The sensor on the thermostat is for the temp gauge only. There are several different fan switches available to bring fans on at a lower temp, if you search forum there should be some links if not let us know and I’ll find one for you. A lot of owners put an override switch in for the fans so you can turn them on manually as the switch is quite high on upper radiator and you only have to lose a small amount of coolant before it no longer works.