FE Paint Restoration

Been quite a while from my last visit to the forum. Hope everyone is doing just great. I have decided to get my FE (red) restored to its original glory as the stock paint has faded. This means that i have to strip the entire bike out the frame, engine and rest bits so they can either get painted and powder coated or polished.

Can anyone help me with what i might need in terms of rubber parts and gaskets et al when one sets out on a paint resto? What challenges i may come up with?

Also regarding the Decals, where can i find the original ones? How to get the different colors of paint aligned on the body work exactly the same way as original?

I can source most parts from David Silver, if there is anyone else out there pls advise.

Im from India and would need a whole lot of support from you guys. Thanks : )

For decals try CBdecals.com I’m getting a full set for my FE which he has, including warning labels etc.

I would agree with scratcher. Mark at CBdecals.com has he best decals I’ve seen, and he is very helpful.

Went to the bike show at the NEc and was well impressed by the matt black ducati. It may look very good with he silver frame of the FF. Either entirely stealth or with silver or shiney black decals. Anyone ever seen a matt black vf?

Check the image gallery. This is about the closest I have seen to matt black although it is more satin finish. (Damn sexy tho’!)

Hmmm yes thats nice. SO Matte black with silver decals would seem the way to go. I need to clean out gunk from the tank so I may as well go the whole hog and get the tank and plastics sprayed matte. Once its a bit warmer that is :wink: