fe seat lock and fuel cap.

Hi all,
been looking through my list of things i require, does anyone have a fe seat lock and a fuel cap with keys that they want to part with. any help greatly appreciated


I got my cap NEW from Dave Silver
Not that Expensive either

Hi Pete I have a spare ignition switch, seat lock, and fuel cap off a ff if they will fit with 2 keys I think, Just let me know if u want them and I will send them for cost of postage as I owe you a favour

regards Paul

hi windy,
i never thought of looking at silvers, just assumed they would be obsolete, will check them out if i get stuck, thanks again

hi paul,
just sending you a PM.

Hi Pete,
only the fuel cap may fit! The ignition switch won’t (too short or too long?I don’t remember but I tried and it doesn’t work) and the seat lock is just completely different (remote on the FF and on site on the F)…
Yes,I know,I’m a sort of hope killer… :-X

hi fred,

yes you are right about the ignition lock, i think they are a little longer because the ff has the spade type fuse holder underneath the cover, im not too worried about that,
and looking at the seat lock, i think the remote one will fit my purposes better as im planning on removing the grab handles that go through the seat unit,
So accidentally paul may have saved me a load of work fabricating an internal bracket…happy days ;D ;D ;D