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I needed lots of patience with rear cam covers with my F2, twisting, jiggling, and all of the sudden, ita came out. Putting it back was another thing, patience needed there too.

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Well one of the silencers(the right)was correct for the FE, but the other had a shorter bracket with the mounting hole too far forward to reach the footrest bracket mounting point on the FE, so must be for the later variants(FF,F2). So I got one brand new rhs silencer and still looking for a left! In the meantime, I got a new set of Marving Replicas for £124 inclusive from Italy. Still have a very good condition spare collector box if anyone wants one?

[:)][:)][:)]AT LAST!! my patience has been rewarded!! Even though I have a set of pattern silencers, I really wanted a set of new originals. So as I was checking fleabay as I do most evenings, with a quick scan to see if anything interesting has turned up, BINGO! One New Old Stock LHS Silencer for the FE freshly listed, located in Germany with a buy it now price that wasn’t ridiculous! After some communication with the seller it was mine. [:D][:D]RESULT! I just hope it’s as good as the pictures! The only downside with this bit of luck is whether I should actually fit and use my new genuine Honda silencers(which are in effect irreplaceable, having taken 3 years to find these two)or fit the replicas instead, and wrap the originals in oily rags and place them somewhere in the workshop for safekeeping![;)]

Well I’d better start by updating that last post! The silencer from Germany actually turned out to be a later silencer for the FF F2 models. It had a much longer recess on the inner face adjoining the swinging arm and the mounting bracket was a different shape with the hole about an inch or so out of line with the FE brackets when compared it to my scuffed but correct original. So it had to go back. De’ja Vu!! I got a refund but was back to square one in the hunt for the elusive original LHS FE silencer…
UNTIL NOW!!! While trawling ebay this evening for some camping gear for a trip to France on my CB1300 with some friends, I took a quick look at my saved searches, VF1000F being one of course, and what should show up newly listed, but an original, NOS Honda FE silencer!! It was listed in the title as for the F2, but the picture clearly showed the mounting bracket to be FE, along with the original part number label indicating it was an FE part! After frantically double checking the numbers on my original Honda Microfiche and confirming it’s the one I need, I then made sure the seller(in France) would send it to the UK, which he indicated on the listing that he would. So the Buy it Now button was well and truly hit, and I should shortly recieve what is possibly one of the last remaining original exhaust silencers for an early VF1000FE in existence, which now completes my now totally original, unused complete factory exhaust system, after 3 1/2 years of searching!!!
Update; The silencer arrived and it was an FE type, so my search is over!! Still don’t know if it’s a good idea to use them, but I may get the internals ceramic coated(as I plan to do on the collector box)as most exhausts rot from the inside and this would protect them.


Because of all this chatting about exhausts in this topic, I’ll ask my question here:
I own a VF1000F from 1985. My exhausts each have a small “dent” on the inner side (side of the rear wheel). Recently I bought a silencer on ebay (which fits) but I now see that this one doesn’t have a small “dent” but a large/ longer “dent”. Does anyone know when the exhaust shape was altered? And why?

One can only speculate as to why they made the longer indentation. But my early 84 VF1000FE would not accept a silencer with the longer indentation as the mounting point was also different to the early FE(which had a small round indentation), so it wouldn’t line up with the footrest bracket.

I have a red/white/black VF1000F, so I guess it’s a FE?
The exchaust with the longer indentation fits, but doens’t go as far over the collector tube as the other one.
So, an exhaust with a longer indentation is younger?

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I have a red/white/black VF1000F, so I guess it’s a FE?
The exchaust with the longer indentation fits, but doens’t go as far over the collector tube as the other one.
So, an exhaust with a longer indentation is younger?

Yes, I think so. I’m in the lucky position to have a brand new set of old stock original FE silencers and was able to make a direct comparison with some later ones I had knocking around. It’s the different bracket on the FE silencers that allows them to sit further forward and fully connect with the collector pipes. The overall dimensions of the silencer(length, diameter, cone sizes) are identical.

That’s what I thought.
You don’t have, by any chance, a right exhaust with a small indentation in good shape lying around somewhere? [:)]


I sold my old set on ebay only weeks ago, sorry. They are getting very hard to come by new and most owners are choosing aftermarket silencers as replacements because of this. My bike is an ongoing project(4 years so far)and it took me all that time searching for one of each side(one from Germany and the other from France)…!

Yeah, I know. I was a day too late to subscribe here at the forum to see the add for your exhausts… [V]
I’ve now found somebody who can redo the black chrome. Last one in Belgium (and Netherlands). Maybe this will be a good solution.

The small dent on right hand silencer as far as i can see is to stop rear wheel spindal touching ehaust i found out when i fitted marvin replica tail pipes.