FE Silencers

Can anyone give me a first hand opinion on the best ‘replica’ silencers for my FE restoration? I know of 3 manufacturers, Sito, Marving and MIVV. Are there others? Which makes the most faithfull replica of the original? Stock silencers are as rare as hens teeth nowadays and the only new one I have found was a RHS single silencer going for £300!!!So replicas it has to be, but which one!!![?]

hi scratcher,the "replica"silensers on my vf are made by busso and was bought from david silvers about four years ago, i think they were about £150 for the pair, bet they’ve gon up now,if they still make them. Dont know how close to the originals they are but thers a couple of pic’s of the vf in the gallory…


Hi Chris…got a pair of MIVV’s from Dai Silvers about 3 years ago…the price went up to £150 after I bought mine…I would say that they are as good as the originals…

I mailed DS and he has only a rhs Busso(!)remaining, and I can’t find another source for em. He does have MIVV silencers still, and they’re now around the £200 mark with VAT and P&P! I don’t suppose anyone knows whether the black chrome finish can be re-done on my original stock silencers? They are in good useable nick, just got that ageing patina about them.

I’ve got some rough dimensions for the MIVVs, Sito and Marving pipes and having compared them all to my stock ones, none match the originals! Both the MIVV and the Marving silencers are 65mm(2.5ins) shorter than stock, so the end of the pipe will stop just past the rear wheel spindle. They do however, have the same outside diameter at the tail, 115mm. The Sito silencers are exactly the same length as stock, but for some reason, have a smaller end diameter, only 106mm, which is 9mm narrower than stock, which could make them appear slightly thinner. It would appear that the Busso brand that vf pete has are no longer available, Dave Silver only has a single rhs one left, so I don’t know what their dimensions are.
Therefore, it seems that to match the originals as closely as possible, which is the aim, I’ll have to go for the Sito pipes cos they’re the nearest to the stock for length and only a tad narrower at the tail end and I think that would be less noticeable than a whole 2.5 inches short in overall length.
Of course, if anyone knows how and where I can restore my stock silencers ‘black chrome’ finish, then I’m all ears!!

Hi all,just my tuppence worth re the MIVV pipes.I fitted a set to our BolDor at the begining of the year and I thought they looked the part until we had one trip oop north and rode 300 miles of snow and salt covered roads.On our return I washed her down to find the the black chrome very badly pitted and what was left had gone dull.So I now have a set of pipes 2.5" shorter than standard that look 20 years old.Regards Bif

Cheers for that bif, interesting. Though I don’t expect to be using the bike in winter it is a good indicator of the durability or otherwise of the product. What with your experiences along with the shorter appearance, I think Mivvs are off the list now! Has anyone any experience of the Sito’s?
Honestly, I’d rather replate my originals, but as yet I haven’t found a definitive answer to whether that’s possible.

When I bought my BolD’or, it was equipped with MIVV’s, and as Bif said they were too short. The silencers in my bike were also re-painted because of rust, so the Quality might be not so good. I have measurement drawings of both Sito and MIVV, and your notes are right, other too short, other too skinny… When built my bike, I got one original silencer from Wentsch&Klink in Germany, and the other one was bought in Japan by a friend. This was three years ago, and several Honda dealers (Importer here in Finland, David Silver, CMSNL in Netherlands etc.) told me that the part is discontinued, and no more available. Today CMSNL has anyway some originals available, but the price is extreme, you can have a look at www.cmsnl.com

Yeah, I seen that. They only have a right hand silencer at 290 euros! They have no left side silencers at all.

So they do list 3 types of left mufflers, but do not have them ?

So they do list 3 types of left mufflers, but do not have them ?

I went on their site today and I can only find one part number for each of the silencers, so I don’t know how you have 3?! Also they list only 1 remaining right-side silencer, and none of the left-side. Am I using the correct site? It only has details of the American VF1000F ‘Interceptor’ and the VF1000R models. It doesn’t recognise the FE.

I tried the parts number search: 18330-MB6 and 18430-MB6 , and got more results. Still only one for FE (according to parts fiche XXXXX-MB6-611 is the correct one for FE in English markets) and it is for US and Australian markets. I could find one pair listed, last three digits 930, which are for FF or F2F for Swiss markets. When buying MIVVS or other aftermarket mufflers, they sell same product for both FE and F2F, so I assume, that the differences between mufflers are not so big. Maybe worth of comparing, I have never had an opportunity to compare FE and my own bike’s mufflers side by side. As I bought my BolD’or it was equipped with MIVV’s, left footrest bracket was original and right was from FE, which made the angle of silencers different: the ends were on different height. When searched exhaust to my 750S, I got one muffler from Germany, and when asked the other one from David Silver, they told me (after asking the frame number), that it will not fit. I bought it anyway, and found out, that only visible difference were the warning texts, and that was good enough for me.

Thank you dnapekko, I hadn’t tried the part number search. Only the model search. Might be possible to buy a pair of matching stock silencers from those part numbers, but VERY expensive!!!

Expensive yes. When I bought silencers to 750S (and even not from these dutch robbers), the value of bike tripled, at least. And now I am hunt for a collector to it, it does not look promising. Good luck with your hunting.

There is a shop on ebay selling a used VF750 complete exhaust system, item number, 220279152977. May help you? I think they are for the F model, but the collector may fit the S? As to the Swiss silencers on cmsnl, the part number is unique to the Swiss model, whereas the other numbers share markets, so there may be internal baffling for national noise/power limits. I do not know whether Switzerland had these restrictions in the 1980s, so cannot be sure.

Yes, the carbs also are unique for Switzerland, but I do not know about restrictions, if they were like in Germany. I tried to have a look in Swiss ebay, and found two 1000’ish bikes from 1980’s, and both had about 60kW. Might be some restrictions, but it is still hard to tell, if they are in silencers, carbs or somewhere else.
Thanks for offering help, I already have one 750F collector, one 750S collector, and I am looking for brand new unit. The S has been stripped down to frame, sanblasted, repainted and hopefully it looks like new latest next spring. I like the idea to have the worst Honda, which looks like new. Besides, it is very nice to drive.

Hello, Just found a pair of new ones for F2, less than 200 Euros each, in Germany, www.bike-teile.de and write SC 15 to “Fahrzeug-Modell:”, and click “suchen”.

Thanks for the find Pekka,I emailed the guy saturday and agreed to buy them. They are genuine Honda so just what I was after. Also he’s coming to the UK on business in October, so he offered to bring them with him for me, saving shipping costs too! A good result there I think! I owe you a beer!![;)]

Well one of the silencers(the right)was correct for the FE, but the other had a shorter bracket with the mounting hole too far forward to reach the footrest bracket mounting point on the FE, so must be for the later variants(FF,F2). So I got one brand new rhs silencer and still looking for a left! In the meantime, I got a new set of Marving Replicas for £124 inclusive from Italy. Still have a very good condition spare collector box if anyone wants one?

hi Scratcher, this may be of interest to you. I’ve just had a set of exhaust headers for a triumph triple ceramic coated by Camcoat performance coating. Mine were a black satin finish, however I noticed they have a product called cermakrome which appears to give a chrome like finish and you can choose the colour. Mine cost about £120. Maybe worth a look. www.camcoat.u-net.com 01925 445688…meanwhile I’m trying to find anyone who could give me some advice on removing the rear cam cover on my VF1000r E, any ideas?