Feedback re VF1000R rideability

Greeting from Oz,
I have a 85 FF which has been my ride now for about 20 years on and off. During that time I’ve rebuilt motor and tweaked or modified/ refined the bike to suit me. I love the Vfour sound, power, and note, and am confident on riding the old beast long distances reliably.
I have an opportunity to buy a 85 model 1000R for a reasonable price, which needs a motor rebuild, as its down on compression on one cylinder.
I’m a short-arse, and just reach the ground OK on the FF with good boots on. If I get the R, I’m thinking of selling the FF, as I can’t justify having another bike to maintain, as well as progress 2 x VF projects and others. Having never ridden an R, I’d be keen to hear riders opinions of its practical rideability?
Have heard that it’s a stretch to the bars for shortys like myself.

Hi from england if you get the 85 vf 1000r the tank is smaller along the top the bars are high compered to most sports bikes had mine 21 years does not kill my arms to ride it the frame on yours is basicly the same dimentions hope this helps

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Hi Tom,
thanks for the advice. So I believe it is the US model, and then the last 86 model which had the slightly larger fuel tank with the more pronounced steeper back. I`ll keep looking for one to ride in the meantime, but I reckon I’ll get the R if the deal comes off. 21 years is a good lifetime to have owned yours for, well done.

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Only the US got the slope backed 23 litre tank.
Everywhere else got the endurance racing inspired 25 litre tank.

So any euro, au, of British delivered bikes (1984, 1985, or 1986) came with the larger tank.

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I did not know that

Off to the petrol station to fill the big tank up

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Thanks thx 113, from the single pic so far of my possible purchase, it appears to have the larger tank- which would be original- but probably not ideal for a shortarse like me.
Will keep trying to get one to test ride locally

I have a 1000R with the big tank and am around 5 foot 6 inch in height. The handlebars are a bit of a stretch so I swapped over the left & right clip on’s which have raised them about 30mm, like this I think it is ok for comfort.

Love the exhausts where from

Have I missed a pic here somewhere Tom?

Thanks Fry480, have seen a similar post about swapping the bars on F models also on this Forum from Bif, so looks like a good possibility. Travel currently a bit restricted here due to Covid concerns…