FF air box required urgently

Just having the carbs cleaned by the excellent Pro-bike in Bilston. They tell me that there were some parts missing from the carbs which they have sorted it needed a new air filter even though the last mechanic was supposed to have fitted one. More importantly they have found someone has sawn off the bottom of the airbox. They cannot see why it was done but I need to find a replacement urgently :frowning: There are a couple on e-bay but in the USA. Are the FE/FF/r boxes interchangeable?

Any one got an airbox to fit an FF lying around anywhere??? This bike is becoming rather tiresome…

I have had little luck sourcing an air box for the FF but have found some for the vf750 which look very similar anyone know if they were all the same?

I have an airbox for an FF that i can sell you.Dont know what there worth so make me an offer.I can send it to your carb people if they need it.

Cheers Alan. They go for about £15 plus delivery from the US, there is a f750 on e-bay for 99p plus £8 delivery looks identical but it has 4 days to go. I’ll be happy to pay you the same. I can send via paypal if you let me know and I can post the address of the repairers now:

The Pro-Bike Centre, Unit 1 Withy Road, Coseley, Wolverhampton. WV14 0RX.

Let me know your paypal e-mail and I’ll transfer straight away.

The £15 that is :wink: I cannot seem to edit my posts here it comes up with an error if I ttry.

Paypal is alan@stableengineering.co.uk
I will post it on Monday.

Cheers Alan Just let me know what the total price is and I will transfer.

Lifesaver :wink:

i will take it to the posty to get costs for sending it as it will be a big box.

Hi Skullster,

£12 to send it because of the size of the box.



Hi Alan £27 paid into you’re paypal account.



Ta very much,will be on its way in the morning.

did the airbox arrive ok?

Thanks Alan it arrived this morning.