FF custom single seat unit

I’m not sure who was asking, but I finally got round to taking a proper picture of the single unit that came with my bike.

It was custom built by a guy in Germany.

There is a sticker underneath which is legible in the pictures.

I think it looks rather well, in combination with the 1000R tail lights.

I actually have a set of single footrest hangers too that came with the bike, but haven’t got round to fitting them yet.

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The previous owner of my bike very kindly added in some nice bits and bobs when he sold me the bike, not only was there a spare engine in bits, he also included a pair of single footrest hangars!

I only got round to fitting them the other day, but they now complete the look nicely.

With the single seat unit and the footrest hangers, I think I might dub it the VF1000S :wink: