FF/F2F forkbrace

While hooning around the beautiful Derbyshire countryside Johnboy and I swapped bikes for a bit,John has a forkbrace fitted I dont and you really can tell the difference.
So I had a look but nothing was available in the UK,Im looking in particular for a Telefix item as I have used these in the past and they are a breeze to fit.
To cut a long story boring I found one in holland for £76 delivered on this website that has them in their clearance items section,catch one while you can.
Regards Bif

Parcel arrived today,correct box containing the wrong brace.I Emailed the company who replied it’s the correct brace for a VF1000F but may not fit the R or F2.
At the risk of sounding like a smartarse I pointed out I have all three and it fits none of them.
A photo has been sent along with a link to Telefix products web page so they can see the difference.
The brace for the VF has a flat bridge rather than one that steps up to miss the mudguard on other models.
The one fitted to Johnboys actually is stepped down,this is one For a CBX750 I had machined to fit.
I await their reply.
Regards Bif

I had a similar issue with a R screen I had ordered and that was neither a R nor a F or F2 one…