FF Laser 4-1 pipe onto 85R will it fit?

Looking for possibility of fitting my nice stainless 4 into 1 Laser currently on 85 FF to 85 R?
I’m pretty sure the stock FF and R steel collectors differ in the rear outlet diameters, but guessing that the R front ports, and rear pipes of the R should line up with the Laser pipe- can anyone confirm please?

Port sizes are the same,the only problem you may encounter is the angle of the collector outlet will need to be altered

Full 4-1 system should bolt right up. Where you hold the muffler will likely need to be custom, the F mount off of the footpeg bracket may be too low/forward.

Hi Bif, thanks, have a fair bit of adjustment with ability to swivel the outlet pipe around and take advantage of the offset of the bend. Looks like I`ll be able to use it, cheers!

Thanks Captain 80s,
I had to make up a custom bracket for mounting on the FF, it originally came off an FE, and I didn’t get the bracket.