FF motor into FE frame-willit fit?

Gooday VF Gurus, a mate is rebuilding an 84 FE, and the motor is dodgy, with fried cams and head journals, and possibly other problems.
He has the possibility of buying a 85 FF motor but needs to know that it will fit into the frame.
Questions are:

  • are the FE and FF frames identical?

  • will the FF motor with wider cams fit into the FE frame?

I`ve seen frames cut to fit the bigger heads, from memory it was a later R motor going into an FE.

FF motor has wider heads. For the rear head there will be none or almost no clearance between the left side of rear cam cover and top frame rail.

Could use the FE heads and cams though with the FF bottom end.

The FE heads and cams are stuffed, hence the problem…

I have an FE with OK bottom end. I have the opportunity to buy an FF engine with good heads and cams but unknown bottom end. Will the FF heads fit on the FE engine?

The heads fit the crank cases no problem but you won’t get the rear rocker cover off with the engine in an FE frame
regards Bif

Thanks for that