Finally finished (or as good as)

Hi All,
Yes it is finally as good as done [:D] [:D] [:D]. my VF1000F 84 model is all finished but the battery and rego. I need to save up and pay a couple of fines first [:(] one for speeding 72 in 60 zone (i was sure it was 70 zone but was sadly mistaken $99 and 1 point) and the other red light cammera in a bus $399 and 3 points [B)] [:(!].

PAJ [?], if OK with you i will send some photos to your email to add here or GALLERY.

To give you a little run down, this bike sat in a shed in Perth for about 5 years as my brother changed the engine and couldn’t get it running correctly due to vaccumes all over the place (old engine had no. 3 cam and rocker issues), he said to me 4 years ago he will give it to me and when he returned to Sydney at Christmas time he came good with his promice. I have done shit loads of work to this thing and enjoyed every minate of it. it isn’t a complete restoration but i think it is a pretty good bike for an oldie [8D].
Check [carby trumpets] for some of the work i have done but basically went over everything just to check and repaired everything that needed it I.E. timing was out 1 tooth on 3 cams, cooling system, carbies, home made oil mod (sorry guys but couldn’t afford the $350 odd dollars to get it sent to me so i came up with similar system with sandwich plate behind oil filter and cost me about $150 all up. (worked a treat) i even put a switch for fans and cig lighter plug in the dash for IPOD or GPS. My 2 brothers that come to the island with me came over on the w/end and had a ride arround the corner and both of them were impressed, i think my brother Pat was pissed that he gave away a good bike.

looking forward to riding it to Phillip Island for supers begining of next year [}:)].

Well done that man. Ican symathise over speeding fine was over there two years ago visiting the East Coast miles from anywhere south of Ayr on open road got one for doing 210kph,the limit being120kph cost me 400 bucks at least they couldnt put points on my licence. Some of your speedlimits are crazy,the cop told me speed kills to which i replyed [no its the sudden stop that kills you] he didnt find it funny.Heyho no sense of humor!!

Well done getting it done on a budget, My VF should be back on the road soon, I resprayed the tank and panels metallic black the other night, and just a little more to do on the paint, got the link pipes for the exhaust to sort out, a bit more polishing on the ally and a new battery, hopefully it will be the first or second week in June when its back on the road, I’v got the time at the moment but not the money, I’m still on a three day week at work.
I’v been “lucky” with speed camera’s, coming out of Doncaster about three years ago, overtook a HGV, pulled a wheelie straight through a mobile speed camera, that was on a Blackbird, and went through two speed traps recently in Wakefield on my gpz500, hav’nt heard anything so I must have got away with it. Phil.

Hey Andy,
yeh the cops here are tossers with no sence of humour at all. you got out of it very cheep, they take it easy on visiters. last time we went to the Island we were doing 102km/h thinking it was 80 zone (20kms over isnt too bad and you get to keep your licence) a cop jumpped out of nowhere and pulled my brother Pat over, me and my other brother just kept going to the next pub, it was actually a 60km/h zone, he copped a $650 fine but never lost his licence as it was a WA licence. lucky [:)] he thinks it was well worth it because the road was just frigging awsome.
You are best off keeping all coments to yourself and have a good laugh when you get to the next pub. they are F@#$KWITS.

Hi Phil,
Keep at it mate, i havnt ridden these bikes before but from the short trips around the corner on test rides, i think it is going to be very enjoyable riding the beast and i am pleasntly surprised on the power.


You just reminded me of a Kiwi guy I used to work with about 20 yrs ago who headed off for lunch in the middle of a night shift on an 85 GSXR 750. Police manning a roadside radar unit flagged him down on his way back, about 200M from work.
“Good evening sir. May I see your licence please. The reason we’ve stopped you is that your speed was recorded at 236Km/H.”
“You were also clocked travelling at 236 Km/H in the opposite direction about an hour ago. Do you have any explanation for this sir?”
“Yeah… bloody bike won’t go any faster!”

To their credit, they did laugh and for some reason allowed him to ride back to work. He did incur a pretty large fine and a 6mth ban though.

Thats great Hippo. i will be laughing about that one for hours [:D] [:D] [:D] . good sports the both of them.

yep, well done on saving another vf, nice to see these bike going back on the road rather than being broken for bits,(although we all need a few spares from time to time).
as for speeding, i must be the unluckiest bloke going, got caught twice in three weeks, 55mph through 50mph road works on motorway, 12.00 midnight. no other cars around.(average speed trap)…

then 34mph in a 30, mobile van parked behind a line of parked cars 100 yds infront of static speed camera which is in a 40 and 20 meters from where limit changes from 30 to 40, photographed back of car going away from them,(rotherham road, cundy cross.they are there pretty regular now so watch if your out that way phil)…

P.S… youll have to pop over phill when youve got bike sorted.

Yes will do Pete, I was hoping to have it back up and running this week, but think I might be getting laid off from work in the next few days, more so before the GPZ crumbles from beneath me.

bad news about the work phil, have sent you my number by PM.