Finally the light is on!

Been a real ruff winter out here in the states and been busy with others project like losing 100 feet of fencing in our last storm, but as for this headlight conversion for my VF1000R is now complete.

It was all made possible from parts over on the Europe side and an extra thank you to Bif who help me with the last pieces of the puzzle. He is a wonderful person to help a brother out, many thanks my friend.

So lets get to it and on with the photos. Most have seen this before but for me it’s the 1st time I seen it on my bike.

The photos are not that great since it was taken off my phone, but once the weather cheers up down here I will take it to work and take much better pictures in the warehouse with a better camera.

As far as the brightness I am very please how the new headlight harness install came out, although I used high watt bulbs I might of over done it a bit. :o

And to think that is the low beam. 8)

Still working on the video on the headlight wiring harness with relay install, but in the process of editing and as soon as I’m done I will push it out.

I thought it “nevers rains in Southern California” ? That’s a sweet looking bike there now Thunder. Do you get charged big import duty on parts from Europe because we do when buying the other way round.
Nice work.


Thanks Marmite. I think that is the VAT tax. Most of the parts I got lucky and made out of the VAT charge. Was not that lucky on the 1st set of headlight brackets. Shop in Germany added the VAT charge. Man you feel raped after that. LOL To add insult to injury the brackets where incorrect. Way it goes sometimes.

Lately all of California has been hit with storms. Another one is due Sunday. I’m actually out in central Ca, but southern Ca was also hit in the last storm. Northern Ca has been having to deal with floods. Couple of weeks ago whole town of Marysville was evacuated bout 100 miles from me due to a dam issue. Major highways flooded out. Lakes, dams, reservoirs etc., overfull. Been a real mess out in Ca.

Looks mint Ed,well worth the effort.
Glad I was able to help out,it just goes to show what we can do if we pool our knowledge and contacts.
Best regards Bif

nothing wrong with them pictures
very pretty bike another one lives the dream 8) :slight_smile:

@Marmite: knocking small birds of their perches at fifty paces! :wink:

Looks good.

I’m surprised at how well the light on my FF illuminates with just a decent halogen bulb.

And as mentioned, nowt wrong with them pictures.

Thanks all, lot of love goes into this bike as I’m sure do into your bikes. Pictures I’m looking for is with a better background than the garage, but that is me. LOL

Well, back at it and I’m going to rebuild the original carbs and put them back on this one. This means I will have up for sale soon a rack of VF1000F carbs, yes F carbs in very good condition.

At the time I bought them (already rebuilt) I really did not have the time to rebuild my R carbs so I made the F carbs work on my bike for the time being.

Top job thunder… The twin headlight certainly looks a lot better than the single unit…

Thanks Pete!

Top job. Really looks so much better with the twin headlight. Such a shame they werent all made that way.
Got to say that if I found an R I could afford I wouldnt care!

Thanks frew!

Very happy with the results. Standing still it looks as it should of. One wonders what Honda was thinking of when they decided to switch out with the single headlight. The other manufacturers were following Honda’s suit on the twin headlight back in the day. If its not broke don’t fix it I always say.

Hi thunder, I’m in the middle of doing the twin headlight conversion and was wondering if you had any pics of the process. I can’t find any headlight ears so may have to make some so any measurements would be invaluable, also is the headlight rubber mounted? As the two upper mounts look to big for just bolts but the online parts diagrams don’t show mounting bolts or rubbers. Bike looks fantastic by the way!