Its back on the road at last! its only been three years since it was last used,

A few little problems to sort out, starter, temp gauge, oil leak, then its just cosmetic stuff.


top job phil… [:D][:D]… the polished rim on the back wheel looks a lot better than i would have thought [:)]

These bikes look really good in black[8D] Black and polished alloy is a great contrast and a real head turner I reckon. Good one![:D]

Looks great Phil, the black looks really cool!

The Vf should be a Shasta White version, hence the blue seat, I was in two minds whether to go back to the original scheme.
The front wheel is going to get its rim polished at some point but not just yet, I want to get some mechanical niggles sorted before the cosmetic side of things so I can ride it!

Beauty Phil. I bet that pipe sounds good too ?


Starter motor sorted, no problems except a dodgy kit, so I had a little trip out, approx 200 miles, now restarts when hot with no problem, fitted the lower fairing and just needs painting.