finger out planty

yeah i know what you mean waiting for parts as for oil mod i am making my own i am a fitter and turner i down loaded a drawing and all the spec’s am about half way through it have machined up adaptor and hex spigot need to drill and tap hose outlets and get hoses made don’t know if it’s benificial or not heard and read lots of different stories don’t know what to believe so just decided to do anyway .
hurry up get in the shed finish the sucker off so we can go riding

Oil mod is a VERY GOOD IDEA. These bikes have poor lubrication to the top end which, combined with the stock flow route, through the crank and then the gearbox, picking up particles, then finally passing through the external lines and depositing this well travelled oil to the cams, is far from ideal! Your motor will thank you for it!

I think I’ve been ripped off with the oil mod kit, I paid for this 2 months ago now the guy won’t answer emails ( Dave Dodge) it was supposed to be in stock.

Last contact with him was the end of March when he said he was waiting on a hose which would be arriving 1st April, now I can’t get any reply from him.[:(!][:(!]

It was a drill and tap style, so I still have the cases split waiting to fit it, I might just give up and get a spin on one from Dale Walker.

Everything else on the engine is done and ready to put back together, so this is really giving me the shits!