First ride out for my bitza

There is a fair bit going on at Teambif shedquarters,the long awaited arrival of the caliper mounts,prepping the R for standby oop north duty and at long last a ride out on our bitza aka black beauty.
One or two small snags to deal with,intermittent loss of rear right indicator and the steering being off to the left by a couple of degrees.
Time to fit a chain guard and then an MOT.
The suspension still needs setting up and the engine running in(Honda mechanics school R engine)

Everything is in order for a much anticipated visit from PAJ later this month


Looking good bif :+1:

Very nice bitza Bif!

Looks good :+1:

Thanks Fred,it’s been a bit of a test bed for other honda items,the right hand switchgear is vfr800fi and is plug and play,left hand is early blackbird which needed extended wiring and the addition of a live for the hi/low function.I just wanted to update the switchgear a bit.A host of other Hondas have contributed parts to the build too ergo the bitza label

I’d love to see this one in the flesh Bif, my favourite colours for the 1000F. Will you be bringing it on the Scotland trip?

If all goes well and I get all the little jobs done this is my preferred ride for Scotland.


After much faffing about with the suspension,the Bitza finally has an MOT.
Built from a frame that came in a job lot of parts that Teambif purchased many moons ago,the MOT history proves this is the highest mileage VF ever.

I was informed I may get a letter about the mileage discrepancy :joy::joy::joy::joy:.

Jesus Bif, I’ve heard of some milage demons in my time, but half a million miles in the twelve months between 2008 and 2009???

Needs to be commemorated on the VF bullshit wall of fame!
Well done returning another VF to the road.

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That’s got to be a typo !!
I think an extra 5 accidently got added in there fur sure .
That would average out at 1,349.39 kilometres a day every day for 368 days !!

What can I say,Im a keen rider :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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