First time out of garage in 3 years!

Nice to have some sun for a change!

Hmmm - may need to find a replacement exhaust collector box…


hi Iain, that looks in tidy condition, i think you may have just missed out on one of last stainless collectors that crooky made, i seem to think another member was interested in it and may have snaffled it up…

Thanks Pete…

And in non-VF news a couple of the others if anyone’s interested:

Have fun…


very nice looking fzr, one to keep nice and shiny for the future, cant help but notice the car reg plate is fzr backwards…“i must have too much time on my hands lol”[:)]

what kinda money is the Rg500 going for ?

Pete - far too much time - I hadn’t spotted that - very auspicious (was someone visiting the neighbours).

RG5 not for sale (at least for now) - but I’m a little shocked by the prices they fetch these days…

Rebuilding her to stock condition - next step is repainting the exhausts - then finish bodywork.


some lovely machines there. I was reminded that my brother had a nice RG500 at the same time I had the RD500 (it was actually an RZ ) We took them both to Mallory for a track day and boy was that fun !
I have to admit the RG was the better all round machine. I know this because we swapped over during the day. I imported the Yam from Aus from my other brother who lives there.
Happy days.
Hope to see the FII Bol in July

Nice stable there Iain! I owned an RZ500 here in Australia and loved it though I believe the RG was easier to ride, therefore easier to ride fast.