G’day All,
Picked up my '84 VF1000F yesterday and rode it to the checking station for its roadworthy test. Passed! Even with the loud cans…!

I rode it home via the freeway to stretch it’s legs a bit, and it feels very stable and planted at speed, and smooth too for a high mileage bike. [73,000km]

After a thorough wash I removed the battery and put on the trickle charger, and my brother has taken the sidepanels to repaint the bodgy black one[thanks Mick].

The tacho doesn’t work, and the needle is broken off it anyway! Are these repairable? Has anyone fitted an aftermarket electronic one?

It’s missing the lock that holds the seat on, but the mechanism is still there so I just put my finger in the hole to release it[:D]

The plastic cap from the right fork leg is missing. I’ve ordered a new seat cover with the 1000 stencil on it from the US, in royal blue to replace the faded cracked one.

Oil & Filter was done before I picked it up, and apart from above I can see nor hear any issues at all. Is there anything in particular I should keep an eye on?

That’s about it really, I’ll give it a complete detail and I may spot something else, but so far so good.

That looks like a very nice example William, have you tried to find a tacho from the wreckers? Paul (pberkhout) mentioned a good wrecker in Sydney, he may have some parts like the seat lock and maybe even a (original paint) side cover?
Just a thought, might just finish off what appears to be a very nice VF1000.
Cheers, Tony

Hey I’m new I’ve picked up a winter project… Where in Sydney are there vf1000 parts??

Thanks Tony. It’s very tidy for a nearly 30 year old bike. I’ve done a searchfor the tacho to no avail. I might remove it and see if I can figure out whats wrong. The black sidecovermy brother is painting will be as good as new knowing what a perfectionist he is![:D] and really al l’ll be doing is touching up the frame paint where it needs it, nothing elaborate, just wet rub, mask and a hit with acrylic rattle can.

What about these, could ask a UK member to post them for you if seller won’t

Thanks wdavie[:D] Mt wife has family in the UK still, they could post it there for onforwarding to Oz.

Cheers mate[8D]

Fitted the renovated carry rack today along with a tank bag and rack bag I already had.Repainted the side and centrestand too. Look much better.
Photo to come. Silly Android tablet…

Pic as promised