fitting a VF oil Mod kit with pictures Easy

Seat off
Tank off
Carbs off
Drain Engine oil to a clean container to reuse

Undo bolt at gearbox and remove including washers

Undo front bolt including washers and remove carefully.

Remove back bolt carefully and washers

Remove pipe intact very easy to do as it bends and is soft from age
Dont forget the two 8mm bolts in the chrome water tube that goes across the engine, they go back in with no problem(dont over tighten them,this goes for all the bolts.

After taking off the oil line complete save it just in case you have to put it back.

Now completely removed,dont forget to put back in the 8mm bolts that hold on the water connecting tube across the engine.
Connect up the hoses noting the longest one goes to the back head and the shortest one goes to the front and follow the same route as the originals did.

so you can see how they route around the pipes.

After fitting the hoses Use ptfe tape on all the joints including the adaptor ring.

remove the centre threaded screw with some big new pipe grips

Next the adaptor assembly

If the big seal will not sit in the adaptor a small stretch will help just a little to fit,remember to put a smear of engine oil on both the seals before fitting and use a socket to tighten up and position at the same time.After fitting the adaptor ring a dab of oil on the oil filter seal and tighten up but dont over tighten.

Connect the braided lines front one to the top outlet and the rear to the bottom then recheck again and you are done.
refit the carbs I left off the rear top clips to aid installation of the v bank new rubbers for the carbs and slipped them on after alignment was complete.
Took Me 4 hours and never done this before but I have city and guilds in Motorcycle mechanics which I got 20 years ago,I would rate this job as easy as long as you work in a well organised and clean workshop.
Contact Crooky for the Kit and have piece of mind when riding

Good write up, don’t forget to plug the gearbox oil feed outlet!!
The drp/crooky oil mod also fits if you have a lazer 4-1 exhaust fitted, a bit less clearance between exhaust downpipe and filter which can make it a little awkward changing the filter.