Fixed my VF-1000F fuel pump!!!

Due to long storage by the previous owner the fuel pump died. I first filled it with GM fuel injection cleaner and let that sit for 2 days. Then I flushed it with gas and the flow had gone from 0% to 60%. I then shook the gas out of it and filled it with vinegar for 2 days,…changing the vinegar every 6 hours. Checked it today and the pump was running at better than what is recommended in the Honda shop manual. I think in hind sight the vinegar treatment would have been enough if I just did that.

It’s amazing what a raid on the kitchen cupboards can achieve.
I was talking to a local bike mechanic who swears by apple cider vinegar for cleaning blocked radiators and rusted fuel tanks.He says soaking for a couple of days and agitating regularly is all it takes.
Good to know it works on parts like the fuel pump too.
Regards Bif

Yes I’ve used white vinigar on a number of things… mixed it 50/50 with distilled water to clean out the cooling system on a vf… just fill the system run it upto temperature then drain out when it cools a little, it certainly fetched more Crap out of the system than usual…
Used it in the ultrasonic bath on carbs, but to be honest it cleaned some stuff but wouldn’t touch some of the greenish gunk that was living in there, carb cleaner is defo better for that thing is though,it only costs a couple of quid a gallon from my local farm shop.

The weird things you learn on these web sites ! Surprised no-one mentioned Coca Cola. That’s supposed to not only clear drains but … well you fill in the gaps.

When I drained my fuel tank I did find 3 oz of green water at the bottom of the fuel tank. I made certain I suctioned out every last bit of that green water.

I just bought the bike so I have no clue what fuel was used in it before I bought it or whether it might have been an ethanol blend. The bike sat for many years before a flipper bought and had the carbs done at a motor bike shop before selling it to me. The flipper told me he only rode it a few hundred feet. I got 50 miles on her before the fuel pump died.