Flat spot

Hi guys, just bought my first VF -F and wondered why it took so long to do in the first place. Ive hankered after one of these for many many years and when I saw one on ebay with no interest being shown on it I thought Id call the guy. Anyway, bagged myself a tidy 86 F for £650 which turns out to be a sound machine. Anyway, theres a flat spot from 6k to about 7.5k revs but either side of that she`s a train. The carbs and exhaust are standard so any ideas ? Is this normal or what ?

if its been sitting for a year or two then clean out the carbs
my Yamaha 1100 maxim had the same problem.
fit a new air filter and plugs,drain the old oil and refill with only semi synthetic Old tech oil only,no fully syntheticand fit a new filter.
my vf has no flat spots through the rev range until I cannot see the lamp posts till I hit the Red line in every gear
Need to take it to the salt flats in the good old USA
If in doubt fit a Dave dodge oil kit cos it saves the cams and runs quietly (speak to Crooky if he has any left.

Lloyd [8D]

Thanks Lloyd, was reckoning on splitting the carbies and will renew the air filter. Probably do filter first to see if thats any better.
By the way, has there been / is there a UK meet up of VF`s during the summer ? Might be a laugh to organise for next year ?


Cheapest filters on ebay number 150763450122
Sometimes when you remove the carbs the rubbers split so be prepared to buy a new set £40.00 at the same time.
dont muddle the carbs up they are pairs front and back and dont touch the linkages between and the front jets are different from the back set.

That could Be very amusing 100 Vf1000,s in one place at one time,not forgetting our European brothers.Cool[8D][8D][8D][8D][8D][8D][8D][:)]

Any takers for next year when the sun comes out

Thanks Windy,

I`ll look at those filters.

Regarding that meet up next year - worth a separate subject title ?
I think I`ll “run it up the flagpole”


[:D]How many can you get in one place at one time in the UK ?
Could include all classics in different sections at one show