For Sale: Honda VF1000F2 parts

Hi all!

After my Honda VF1000F2 sadly passed away, I got a hold of a different one and used the former one for parts. Now I have these parts left over and offer them here in the hope someone else can use them and get some more joy out of them!

The parts are located in the Netherlands, but shipping them is no problemo :slight_smile:
Let me know if you are interested in any of them or have any questions!

I’ve sent you a message. Thanks

Hi Dennisje. I got some damage on my front fairing and the right side fairing. I added the picture, so you can see the damage. It could be great to swap it directly with yours, since my bike have the exact same color. Inside the fairing, the plastic lid to the right is also broken.

How about the front headlight? My bike has a single headlamp, but I would like to add a twin headlight to the bike. Do you have any parts for that?

I will be in Hengelo in week 15, but dont know if this is close to where you live? Otherwise it would be fantastic, if you could give me a price including the shipping.

Thank you in advance.

Carsten Jørgensen

Hi Carsten,

Do you mean this part?

Head lights I do not have

Hi Dennisje. Thank you for the swift reply.

The upper fairing in the middle will do fine. (Picture 4 & 5). And if you got the black cover and the two plastic covers, where the flashlight is mounted.


Sorry the parts on picture 4 & 5 are already sold (can’t edit the post to temove them strangely enough)