For sale VF100f2f Bol D'or

Hi everyone and thanks for the add. I have a complete VF1000f2f Bol D’or for sale. It was bought a couple of years ago as a project, but due to work commitments etc I just don’t have the time to finish it. The bike was complete and running when I bought it. I have only stripped the plastics back ( someone had done a really bad paint job). The tank has been stripped and etch primed. I sent the carbs away for a complete overhaul and rebuild (£200). I have bought new carb rubbers as the old ones were rock hard. It has new brake discs and stainless steel braided hoses. I have also bought new fork seals they just need fitting. There is slight damage to the bottom of one of the side panels that would need a bit of fiber glassing to sort out. I only want what I have put into the project which is £750.00

If anyone is interested please give me a bell on (UK) 01634 315387

I am in Maidstone in Kent (UK)
Glen WILSON[/font]