Fork adjuster screws

Hi Guys, My fork adjuster has flung the ball bearings across my garage floor never to be seen again and I wasnt happy with the set up anyway,
Does anyone know if there is an alternative fork adjuster that will fit the vf1000f intercepter, I was looking at the cbr6000 1992 era, however I am not sure about the threads , there are many 41mm ones on ebay for cheap but again the threads are all fine compared to my vf.

I have ended up getting some made in stainless steel for my VF1000RE, and using some parts from a cheap chinese set. It has meant canning the rebound damping, etc. but I’m converting the forks to use emulators anyway. I’ve attached some pictures that show what I started with, and what I’ve ended up with … note that if you go this route, you need two types of nuts, as the fork legs are different … !
The last picture is showing two other different finishes on the adjusters (robbed from more chinese sets) with the VF1000R forks in my CB1100R I’m building …
29495952_2057249057867197_2577282129117315072_n 29541580_2058131171112319_6127534291065765888_o 30708605_2071078839817552_5862135076296327168_o