Fork air pressure gauge

I have mentioned previously that I am no fan of the air fork arrangement, but since I have them and want them to work properly, I was wondering if anyone has fitted a low pressure gauge to show how much air pressure is actually in them?

My thoughts are either a tee adapter on the top of the left fork leg that could run to a gauge, or a more tidy solution could be a tee in the balance pipe that could run straight up to a gauge that could be fitted to the dash panel?

A 37mm (inch and a half) diameter, 0-15 psi gauge would be ideal, and can be had for around $25 like this one,

What do you guys think, would this be a worthwhile modification?

Is there a huge difference in how the bike behaves with no psi vs 6 psi? I haven’t done enough kms on mine to know yet.


Hi Tony, you have an interesting concept there and a small gauge like the engine oil gauge on the ‘HO’ would look cool 8).
A pressure gauge may be worth doing if the pressures are so critical :-.
My XR600 goes better with no air pressure and i often bleed it before a ride ;D (maybe i shouldn’t have done that before the last ride, all healed and taking the ‘HO’ out next week to see how the wrist goes, still a bit tender :wink: ).
The old ‘HO’, however, has never had a set of fork seals that didn’t leak so never kept air pressure :stuck_out_tongue: .
I am looking forward to doing the other forks from the spare bike and fitting them to the ‘HO’ to see exactly what the front end is SUPPOSED to feel like ;D .
Good luck with it and maybe one day i will see how important air pressure in forks really is :smiley: :smiley: :D.