Fork cap wanted.

Does anyone have a RIGHT HAND fork cap for '85 VF1000F please ?

Do you need the black damping adjuster on the top or the whole cap that screws into the fork?
Regards Bif

Far as I can see it’s just the cap. The white part is there and I’ m assuming the cap just clips onto that ? The workshop manual should arrive next week then I can have a proper look.

There are two types of cap Yorky,one is 38mm in diameter and the later one is 23mm.
Which one do you need?
Regards Bif.

Mine is '85, so I’m guessing I need the 38mm ? This would match up with diameter of L/H cover.

85 is a bit of a confusing year,could be a late FE or an early FF,but the 38mm cap is FE and I have one here so PM me if you want it and we can sort it out
Regards Bif

BIF, pm sent re fork cap.