Fork emulators/tops

Hi peeps.
I have cleverly removed the right hand fork top screw and the ball bearings have started playing hide and seek on my cluttered garage floor. However the dial didn’t make any real difference anyway wherever it was so is it poss just to put a blank top without adjustments or fit a left top on the right fork?
much appreciated :face_holding_back_tears:

not bothered about pumping them up as they only keep pressure for a day or so

Hi, have you got emulators fitted? If you have the damping adjuster rod will have been removed so you could just use a left leg top on it.

Hi frew
It is all standard so I guess that’s a no to having emulators.
You have answered my question thanks.
I will now look for a left hand fork cap. I guess I can still pump them up if I can get the balance the same?
cheers mate.

There is an air balance pipe under the top yoke. That is why there is only one valve.

Hi frew.
Yes should have realised that one blank side is how it is anyway duh!
Anyhow I found a replacement part on ebay with the rod attached so have ordered that so I can keep the 3 point dial. Not that I ever noticed the difference in the 3 positions anyway.
Thanks for the advice and have a good christmas.

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I cannot comment on the loose ball bearings, but I have installed the emulators. What questions do you have?