fork oil

can you please tell me how much of what goes in the forks I have to do fork seals on one of mine

do both as you will just have to do it twice

yes I meant one of the vf’s sorry Now trying to source someone who can manufacture a fuse box cover in stainless or ally as I cant get a plastic one from anywhere

so the original question is how much oil of what grade goes in the fork legs ?

Pour the specified amount of ATF into the fork tube.
Right fork:455 cc (15.4 US oz, 16.0 Imp oz)
Left fork: 475 cc (16.1 US oz, 16.7 Imp oz)

But I have another manual that says 380cc and 400cc respectively.

Would also like to know how much oil to use since I will be rebuilding the forks any time now

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fuse cover

Fill both legs with the springs out and legs collapsed. Fill to the same on each side (measure down from the top). Can’t remember the distance (15 - 20cm??) but answer can be found on racetech website or in vfrworld.

so how much oil exactly is needed? just got my fork tubes in and going to start rebuilding the forks any day now.

According to the BelRay guide -
F - 400L, 380R
R - 460L, 440R
F2- 480L, 460R
Clear as mud [:D]

hi windex, time for the big rebuild then…

yours is the FE model which has

right leg 380ml
left leg 400ml

when you’ve filled them, pump the fork legs up and down a few times to expel any air out of the damper then with the forks in the compressed position (no springs) measure from the top of the fork tube down to the fork oil, should measure aprox 230mm (9 inch)

Thanks hippo and pete!
Yeah its time for the rebuild, just got the order in from wemoto, should have the forks rebuilt by the end of the week and hopefully have the body work prep’d for paint… hard to find time working 12-14 hours and looking after a 5 year old lol… As long as shes finished by the end of June I will be happy :slight_smile:

I’m going to need some black paint for the engine, any suggestions?

Also I don’t have a fork seal driver but I may know where to borrow one, but if that is not the case are there any tricks to getting the seals in?

I shouldn’t say ‘just chuck a sardine down each leg’ should I? [:o)]

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