Fork Rebound Adjustment

Good Afternoon, learned Gentlemen,

My '85 FF has finally arrived at my property.

A cursory examination has revealed that the forks have clearly been disassembled as part of the refurb, because the air valve is installed on the RH fork, and the rebound adjuster knob is installed on the LH fork. This is the wrong way round.

It’s not registered yet, so I can’t test ride it.

I have a few questions…

1: Does it matter which fork has the selector valve fitted to it? If not I can live with it.

2: Are the fork internals different to the point that they’ve been damaged by this swap over?

3: Can it be rectified without major surgery?

4: If the answer to 3: above is yes, what’s involved?

Thanks all. Any guidance would be most appreciated.

The air valve should be on the same side as the anti-dive mechanism, the internals are different in each leg and wont work properly and could have caused damage if it’s been ridden like that,
As a foot note, if the forks have been fitted with aftermarket emulators (in both legs) having the caps mixed up wouldn’t matter, I suppose having a look inside them would be the best bet…

Thanks Pete.

I know they’ve been transposed, I’m more interested in whether the selector valve can be swapped back without major surgery.

I’m beginning to think not.

Spin the fork caps off and check for damage on the D shaped rod on the rebound damping side.
If it hasn’t been cut off(suggesting emulators are fitted) they should swap back ok

Thanks Bif.

Can this be done with the forks in situ?

Apologies for my ignorance here…

Is it just a case of unscrew the caps and swap them over, or is it a case of stripping the forks? Do these caps retain the springs like they did on my CB750? The manual doesn’t make that clear.

The caps do retain the springs but block the front end up as if you were going to remove the front wheel,and the caps can be removed in situ