Fork swap on my 85

So…Ive had my CBR600 wheel conversion ready for a while to make the change…but are there alternative modern forks that can drop in…machining bits isnt a problem…Ive read about the VTR lowers and cb stanchion changes…but is there an easier way ?
Might go the whole hog and so a stem swap…have a nice aet of FZ1000 forks doing nothing
Thanks for your time

I’ve seen the fzr front end used before with the benefit of better brakes.The suspension itself isn’t great leap forward.

Thanks Bif…always read your posts…Excellent
Yep…better brakes is the aim…but now I’m thinking why not just make adapters and use existing mounts…anti dive included ??
Am i missing something ?

That is only one approach,depends on what you have to hand,if you have a set of blue spot calipers for your fzr forks I would go with them.
The more solutions to the problem of improving our brakes the better

Have the calipers…did i read that your making adapters to suit CB calipers ?

Yes,we have adapters to fit cbr600f4i and fireblade calipers.
They are made to suit 310mm discs which are available from several manufacturers

I have a set of Yam R6 USD’s to go in my VF1000 along with the triple clamps , calipers , wheels , axle , master cylinder and clip on’s .
I will simply make some adaptors to extend the forks and yes I will have to increase the length of the adjustor to suit .