Fork travel distance

Anybody know how much travel there is on the vr1000re forks? I should have measured everything when I had the springs out but was too impatient as I’d been waiting 6 weeks for new springs and emulators. I’m sure bif or Pete know the answer, thanks in advance.


Best regards Bif

Thanks bif, I thought you’d know. Have you ever fitted the race tech emulators before? The kit included one emulator, two springs and an aluminium spacer with a spring clip inside it, don’t know what spacer is for it is too long to be a spacer for right fork as its longer than emulator. Any ideas? I’ve not fitted it I just made preload spacer longer on right fork.

Sounds like you have a setup that keeps the rebound damping in the right leg.
when I fitted mine I had 2 emulators and removed the internals on the right leg and brazed up the holes at the top of the damping rod.
Don’t know why you only were sent one emulator
Regards Bif

I also braised up holes in rebound damper as per instructions but only one emulator. Went for a ride tonight for about 60 miles and it felt fantastic so maybe it only needs the one, will know better tomorrow after the Yorkshire Dale’s ride. Can’t wait, also completely refurbished the front brakes with new seals and rubber grommet things plus the stainless pistons and pins from your good self so front end feels like it’s a new bike! Are you coming tomorrow? I’ll bring speedo overlay if you are, fitted mine today and looks good but not as bright at night as original ones.

Unfortunately not able to make it,but you can pass it on to John.
let us know how you get on with front end
Regards Bif

Didn’t see post till I got home will bring to hulme end or wherever we go in August. Have emailed race tech to ask them about the number of emulators I should have received though bike felt much better with the one fitted, just imagine how good it would feel with two! Can you remember the part number of kit you installed? Mine is FEGV S4106 this is the one they recommend on their website bit is not the one listed on some of the suppliers sites.

The kit I used was the same as for an SV650 can’t remember the number tho.
Glad your OK mate,we tend not to bounce so well as we get older

If I’d been going any slower it would have been like falling over though my wrist still hurts but not as much as my pride or wallet! Thanks to John for helping me pick the beast up I’d never of done it on my own.

The sv650 kit is FEGV S4101 that is the same as listed on several other websites and is $60 more expensive so maybe the FEGV S4106 is meant to have one emulator. Will let you know when they reply to my email.

Got a reply from race tech, the VF1000R kit only contains one emulator this is due to how the forks originally worked with compression on one fork and rebound on the other and fitting an emulator to the right fork would interfere with the rebound function which if the holes are brazed up is controlled by the weight of the oil the recommended weight being 15.