forks and brake update

Just updated the forks and brakes i would like your views and comments,If anyone would like the in and out of the upgrade please ask[:)]

looking good john, i can see there’s a lot of work gone into the front and rear end, i know from one of your previous posts that you higherd the back end a little, has the front end been lowered a little too ?

Hi pete
The fork conversion is bifs xl 600 tubes in nc30 sliders vtr disc/calipers rick oliver adapter plates,I now have spring preload and rebound adjustment Dropped the forks 15mm thro the yokes
Fitted the 5.5 fireblade wheel with a7mm offset g/box sprocket
Just got a vf1000r swing arm to fit in.
I like the zzr footpegs on the pig,It will look the dogs when finished