forks for VF1000FE 1984

Hi looking for a pair of vf1000fe forks.
My machine has a front end off a vf750f and I want to replace the front end with the 41mm forks later next year.
I have a top and bottom stanchion but I need next some 41mm forks.
I found one guy on ebay but now cant remember his id

anyone got a set for sale at the right and fair price
no sky rocket prices please.


I have some 86’ FF forks in good condition.Does anyone know if they are the same.

Hi, sliders are different between FE and FF - take a look at how the mudguard mounts - FE is held by bracket that bolts to the slider from the top, the ff mudguard is fixed by bolts that are horizontal through lugs on the slider. There may be other diffences, don’t forget that the fe has the 16" wheel the ff has 18"!!

A set have just been listed on Ebay by jap restorations.May need a rebuild,worth a look at £40 Regards BIF

cheers now contacting the seller

got the forks
might need to re chrome them any one know of a good cheap re chromer


I can highly recommend H.C.P&G who did a set for me.They are based in Newark.Talk to them on 01623 862314.From memory they charged £90.00 including return postage.Regards BIF

Thanks Bif I will note their number down and give them a ring tomorrow.

its nice to find a forum full of helpful members and bikers.

Thanks again