Forks needed for a vf1000fe 1984

need a set of forks for a FE
must be straight and not pitted and have good chrome


Do you know about these? this is just one, they do the pair.

ABE sent me sub standard forks they were refunded
Wemoto sent the wrong ones and after nearly 4 weeks of waffle I got a refund they only had one side and the other one lost in italy

Have now exhausted all other channels so Tomorrow my Stanchions are going to Dynasurf in Cheshire .

Telephoned loads of people locally,the first one said IF I DID ELECTRO PLATING I WOULD BE RICH BY NOW!
The second said there is no one in East Anglia period.
The next said we can do them by you would have to wait till the end of January 2012
The rest failed to answer the phone

Then I phoned Dynasurf and I had a good conversation with a lady called Clare and she knew all the information I needed.
She told me to ring Parcel monkey for cheap post and their system actually worked cost £10.02 being picked up tomorrow .
10 Day turn around. they ring you when they ready and you pay by card
then I arrange to get them picked up for £10.02 by parcel

I highly recommend them.

Its good to get helpful and knowledgeable people together

got them back yesterday
good job
they are now back in the bike

no leaks recommend them £164.00