Frame vf1000 ff cbr1000

This might b a strange question… I’ve got a vf1000 ff i’m really fond of… But the engine broke… I’m looking around and can’t find anything where I live… What I can find (pretty cheap) is cbr1000 's built in the same year… So I’m wondering… It could be possible they have the same frame or even engine and that the only difference is the lights and body… Could imagine that to be a cheap solution for them instead of building two different bikes… Annybody know if they have the same frame by any chance?

thanks a lot, joost

Hi bud, I think the closest you would get without huge chops and changes to the frame would be a vf 750f or a vfr 750 from the mid 80s era.
keep looking on ebay, they come up cheap now and again.
good luck

When I bought my FF, I was supplied with complete spare engine, mostly in parts.

Only thing is, I’m in Ireland, so international shipping would be necessary.

If you are interested, let me know, I’d be happy to see someone get the use of it.