Fred in Bordeaux

Fred, haven’t heard from you for too long. Are things OK ? Sent you emails etc but no reply.


:wink: Hi Martin, I’m still alive! Thanks you all for worrying about my fate but I’ve to look after my wife as she’s due to undergo another heavy spine surgery next thursday …

And Sally, my V65 Sabre, is still healthy at 53 000 miles…

Great news Fred. As our “token” Frenchman we would hate to loose your input. Don’t forget, if your circumstances allow, there is the Hulme End event on 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th of August.
It would be great to discuss William of Bayeux vs The battle of Agincourt over a drink with you!!


Sorry to hear bout your wife Fred. Hope the surgery went well. I had back surgery many years ago so I know what your wife will be going through. Wish her well for me.

Doctor told me that I would never ride again after surgery. He doesn’t know us bikers, we will say when it’s time to stop.

Good luck to your wife!

Thanks, Thunder, glad to hear from you! I’m just back from the hospital, everything went well and she was tired but OK. She can move her legs and when I pinched her left foot she did feel it…
Well, now I think I’ll have to get an interview for her to join the Moulin Rouge’s girl band! :-X