French owner of 3 VF

Hello i am Bernard 63 living in Paris
Lucky owner of
VF 500 F2 1984
VF 750 F 1986
VF 1000 F 1987
Do you organise meetings or rides ?

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hello Bernard, we do a couple of weekend rides. one to Scotland at the start of the season in May and one to Hulme end in Staffordshire in England at the end of the season in august, this was last weekend and a good time was had by all. next year we are thinking of a trip to Germany and the nurburgring. we also attend the Stafford classic bike show in October but go by car so any parts we find can be transported home.



Hello Garyb
Sorry for my late answer !
Please give me the programm for 2019 and eventually 2020
Best regards

Hi bernard.

We did our weekend away a few weeks ago, we went to Scotland again as the roads are so good and the logistics of going to Germany too big, maybe next year. Next will be a weekend in either Wales or the peak district in August then the Stafford classic bike show in October.