French VF1000R and VF1000FII

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First try,bad try!ERIC.


Aussi !

This time tomorrow it’ll be yesterday

Can I help you Eric?


Nice bikes Eric, I must say I’m not a great fan of the F2 looks but yours in grey looks rather tasty ! and of course an R is, well, the epitomy of TASTY !
BTW was grey a UK F2 colour ?

VF1000FE & ZX7R

The “F2” in the picture is actually a -85 F(f/g) (or a F2 with F fairing and different front fender). The model was basically as F2 with small (-84 VF1000F) fairing and belly pan. I am not 100% sure about available colours (probably silver/red and silver/blue), but the grey in the pictures is not original. All F2:s were with fully fairing, other parts between these models are interchangeable as far as I know. Biggest visible differences comparing this and -84 VF1000F(e) are steering geometry (18 inch front wheel) and plastics behind tank. Also seat and grab bar are different.

Kajaani, FINLAND
VF1000F2 -85, VF750S -82