Front and Rear swaps

Hi Guys,

I’m a newbie to this site and have been watching with interest for a while. I have now come into possession of a 1984 VF1000FE with a VF1000R motor all be it in a million pieces. A mate had it as a project but after 10 years of not finishing it he gave it to me! I have just finished my last project bike so I figured what the hey…I had one of these about 12 years ago and loved the motor but the handling was a bit lacking.

My thoughts for this project are to modernise the suspension to match the motor. Which apparently has had a bit of work done to it but never been reassembled.

Has anyone on this site got info on what modern front ends will fit as well as rear swingers. I wish to fit the modern 120/17, 180/17 combo?

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Cheers Wayne

There can be CBR 600 wheels fitted. Use the board-search.

Hi Wayne,
as youll probably know, a few people have done this mod and as Hans said, if you trawl through the back pages there is a load of good information. I personally havent otherwise I`d start my ramblings again on how to go about it.


Daugherty Motorsports in America do kits no doubt a google search will bring them up.