Front axle spacer dimensions?

Gooday All, I think my previous post re erratic speedo may have something to do with the spacer missing between wheel bearing and speedo cable drive unit.
I`ve searched through all my parts, but haven’t located one.
Can anyone give me dimensions so I can try turning one up, particularly length?

Hi Speedy,not sure which spacer you are referring to,the speedo drive has its own steel spacer cast into the alloy body.
This is clamped between the shoulder section of the spindle and the wheel bearing when the spindle is bolted up
Which item number do you think you are missing?

AAAH Bif, another example of my firing off a post before having a good look! Thanks for the advice> But the next question is, as the 2 tangs on the nylon gear in the drive, and tangs on the drive washer in the wheel are about the same size- do I just fit the drive so that it slots in anywhere and gets picked up by the other? I‘ll have to check that the drive washer tangs haven`t been bent over, and sometimes drop out of mesh with the drive tangs of the nylon gear+ would this be poiisible?

Best to line the tangs up with the slots first,once engaged they can’t come out unless as you sat they are bent out of shape

Thanks Bif, I reckon that’s the trouble then, the tangs had just been floating around not properly engaged- I`ll have a good look at both and check the engagement is correct before fitting this time.
Thanks for your help, as usual!