Front brakes inprovement

Hello everyone! Any ideas (tested) for better brakes besides steel braided lines? Bigger pump maybe? Mine are a bit spongy (maybe because the brake lines are 30+ years old) but will it really inprove just by changing the lines?

Changing your lines will definitely help…pad choice can make a huge difference… Sbs make great pads.


Standard Honda hoses are hopeless. They swell rather than transmit the hydraulic pressure.

Braided hoses will make an almost unbelievable difference by themselves.

How about just a full (and proper) ReFurB?
Most people Ignore the Caliper Glide Pins, they can seize, so you only get some braking, from one side.
Use proper High Temp Caliper Grease.
Are your pads wet with Oil? I had (inherited) some pads that were so soaked with Oil I could light them with a torch and they would continue to burn, like a Candle.
Are the Rotors clean & dry?
Every time the wheel comes OFF, I take advantage and swap the brake pads from one side of the caliper to the other,… cuts down on Rotor Grooving.
Pads should be sanded/burnished when out.
I take a right-angle-grinder to the rotors and scratch’em up, one way then the other (cross-hatch) to take the mirror polish off, and take the wear ridge OFF at the very outer edge.
Are the Caliper Pistons moving freely (not after 35 years they’re not).
Yes the factory rubber hoses can expand a little, but a proper functional system will work real well.
I took my Racing License on my (stock) 84-Fe and brakes worked fine.
Spending More Money might be More Better, but bring it back to Spec first,… cheaper too.

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I concur, get everything back to working at least as well as the factory planned is a great start. When I picked mine up the slide pins were rusted solid! Don’t forget the master cylinder and you can buy new windows for those as well while your’re at it.
And I thought it was only me that swapped pads from side to side!
Also good quality pads and braided lines are not that expensive when you consider the possible alternatives.

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Thanks guys! Will do!

I changed the old brake lines with the frenntubo set( 87 euros front and back + connectors ). The feeling is better and the brakes got a lot more stopping power.