Front brakes


Iam new here! My name is Nicolay and iam from Norway. 26 years old and have bought my first bike. Its a lovely Honda VF1000F from 1986 :slight_smile:

So i hope you guys can help me a little. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Got problems with bleeding the front brakes on my 86 vf1000f. Tried everything. Inkl. Bleeding with vacuum. The brake lever still sinks in. Cant find any leaks. Could it be the master sylinder or the the discs thats the problem? The discs are a little thinner, but still a bit left. Its new brakebads on it.

Hope anybody can help me here :slight_smile:


Hi Nico!
I had the same problem on my '86 VF1000F g and it was a faulty master cylinder. I bought a repair kit on EBay and it solved my problem…

Hi! Thanks ! I have ordered on from my lokal dealer. So hopefully everythings i order to morrow :slight_smile:

Hi Nico, what part of Norway are you from ? My wife is an ex Bergen girl and we go back very often. I guess you bought an older machine to save on the horrible vehicle tax the Norwegian government puts on new cars and bikes ?
Your brake problem is probably old brake hoses - are they still the old rubber ones ? If they are, I can get some steel braided ones from here and get them posted to you. This ( plus the master cylinder kit ) will almost certainly fix the problem.

Ha Det Godt.

Hi there iam from Kristiansand. Down south in Norway :slight_smile: I bought the bike little becouse the price on it. Got it really cheap! :slight_smile: And newer bikes is really expensive to insure! Thanks for the offer its highly posible! Getting the rep kit today. Trying to change that first and then i can contact you if i decide to order the hoses :slight_smile: I will post a pic later :slight_smile: