Front Cylinder Cam Shaft Installation, HELP!

I had stripped the engine top for valve seat cutting and valve refacing.
Placing cam shafts for back cylinders (1&3) is straight forward as described in workshop manual.
BUT… placing cam shafts for front cylinders (2&4) are creating a head ache and workshop manual does not provide much guidance.
I desperately need step by step guidance in installing front cylinder cam shafts.
Can any one provide help on this matter, please.

There has been much discussion on this point over the years,firstly the clymer manual is wrong,ignore it.
Remember this is one engine so all cams go in on no.1/3 at TDC
Back all tappets off
fit cams with their markings to the top
proceed as you did for the rear cylinders

Will do as you have advised.
Thanks a lot.

One question to double check.
After fitting back cams when 1-3 pistons are at TDC at 1/3 crank mark, do I need to bring 2-4 pistons to TDC by turning crank 360degrees back to 1/3 crank mark, before installing front cams in position.
Thank for clarification/

No,everything goes in without the crank moving,that’s why it’s best to back the tappets off as some of the valves will be depressed on these two cylinders.All cams,front and rear should have their marks to the top.
Any doubts,you will find a genuine workshop manual is available to download on