Front fairing fit problem

On the final leg of the VF1000RE rebuild and fixing up the lower front fairing. The lower main frame mounting holes are way out - a problem that the previous owner solved by reaming out the hole until it fitted. See photo.20201209_173629
It appears the whole fairing frame needs to go forward by 5 - 10 mm to allow the holes to line up properly. I don’t see a way to do this and can only assume the bike was dropped at some stage distorting the fairing frame??
Simplest way I can think of is to move the frame lug back a bit by cutting it off and rewelding.
Anyone have any feedback on this?

Try undoing the upper fairing frame where it bolts onto the steering stem, you may be able to prise that up which will pull the lower fairing forward …

Hi Pete, yeah looked at that but the frame bolts to the main frame under the tank. The holes line up perfectly so it appears the fairing frame isn’t distorted. When I had the fairing frame off it all looked very straight. Since the frame is bolted to the main frame and all mountings line up I am at a loss as to why the bottom of the lower fairing does not line up.
I cut the mounting lug off and rewelded it 10mm further back so it now lines up with the fairing.