Front Fairing for vf1000f2 in red

Anyone in sydney (or Australia) know of a vfv1000f2 front fairing for sale please contact me via the forum if its original and in really good condition and red that would be perfect, but just decent condition would be great.[:D]

Mine’s red but you can’t have it - it needs repairs anyway.
If you strike out, give Handcraft Fibreglass at Seven Hills a call. They’ve always had a pretty amazing back catalogue of moulds. Cheers

Thanks mate will do. cheers
They’re out at St Marys & may be worth your while ringing. I called them yesterday about my fairing, which is a fair bit worse inside than I first thought! He says for major stuff, taking the whole bike over so they can make sure they get it right is the best bet. Cheers

Good to know Hippo but my fairing in very bad way maybe some of the stuff near the dials would be ok for this, but the rest is really just scrap not worth trying. Will keep this place in mind for future projects

check ebay germany there is a full red fairing like new up for grabs