Front Fairing

I am looking for an aftermarket front fairing, something maybe a little more aggressive or a copy of the original if not. I’ve scoured the internet looking for something, anything, with no luck. I have an original fairing that I can repair but would like to know what options are out there

Thanks for any info

LOOK ON EBAY FOR THE GEMAN COMPANIES ADD .DE to your search I found a coupla last year but didnt save the emails they sent me . I managed to get the right hand side fairing for the f2f from them sadly dropped the bloody bike on that side yet again … Now trying to find a top fairing from somewhere

DEF A VF1000 FRONT FOR SALE IN GERMANY NOT FOR THE BOL D’OR ALSO THERE IS A FULL BIKE ON THERE BEING BROKEN FOR SPARES AND i FOUND 907 ITEMS FOR SALE Typed in ebay germany and went through the listing just for vf1000 f2 there are hundreds of spare parts out there Not cheap but if you need the bit you will find it on those pages . wish I had the money to spend to buy in a few spares myself a spare set of wheel so I could have them powder coated in silver or bright yellow