Front forks - probably attn Bif

I’m in the process of rebuilding a 1985 VF1000 Bol’dor and yesterday stripped the forks to replace the seals. The first thing I noticed was the fork collars are plastic and not metal and secondly there are green washers which on the left fork were either end of the collar but on the right fork were both above the collar. My theory is someone has had them apart and reassembled them incorrectly and replaced the collars for some reason. My question is am I wrong and they’re correct or am I right and if so can I re-use the plastic collars and which order should the green washers (if at all) go? Many thanks. DSC_0001

It’s not unusual to find different spacers in the forks as owners adjust the static sag to suit their weight,or to suit progressive springs which tend to be longer than the stock item.
The important thing is that they are both the same length.
It’s normal to have a washer of some sort top and bottom of a plastic spacer
Regards Bif

Hello Bif, thanks for your reply. That puts my mind at rest, I’ll just make sure they go together the same. Cheers :+1: