Front forks

Hi All,

I just needed to share something with anyone that will listen.

I got sick of replacing the front fork seals on the ‘HO’ so i pulled the forks off the spare bike.
I stripped them down and they were nearly as bad as the ones on the ‘HO’.
I found a bloke at Lidcombe that is going to straighten them and re-chrome them for $350.00 the pair.
That is cheap compared to the $500.00 quote off a bloke at Greanacre on the same day.
I cant wait to get them back next week and put them back together and in.
The old girl wont know what hit her.

Still waiting for the painter to do the spare body work.

On another subject, i picked up my 8 year old daughter from school Yesterday and she was stoked. She has only been on the ‘HO’ a couple of times and she loves the bikes now that i taught her to ride the peewee properly at Kangaroo Valley back in October.
All 3 daughters keep asking “when are we going riding again Dad?” so i will try to organize a day riding at my brother’s place in the paddock at Eastern creek.

The wrist, ribs and foot have healed up nicely Thanks and it feels great getting back on the bikes. I even did a bit of work on the XR600 (she was still banged up from the October crash.)
there is one really good thing about crashing back then, i have given up smoking.

Anyways, enough from me, take care all and that’s what she said.